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Put the Internet to work for you!

The Internet is bursting with lots of really great services and data. The "Internet of Things" is taking off with more and more devices being designed to be online. However it is often hard to find the time and energy to make the most of what's available.

What if you could quickly hook stuff together to create new cool and useful combinations that work for you?

Big business has had this capability for years. But Enterprise Integration usually requires expensive products from big vendors and even more expensive coding teams.

Comb9 brings the potential to everybody. We call this Consumer Integration. No coding skills needed.

What can I do?

Comb9 has a growing set of components. More are being added every week. Here is a random selection of some of the things you can use today.

Random Number sensor

generate random numbers

FitBark - Activity Data Series sensor

Retrieve your dogs activity data series for a period of time

FitBark - Dog Information sensor

Retrieve your dogs key information

Chart calculate

Generate a graphical bar or line chart from a dataset

Boolean Edge Detect calculate

detect when an assignment moves from true to false or vice versa

Calculator calculate

calculate mathematical expressions

Blinkstick action

Set the color of a blinkstick

Web Post action

Send data to a website or REST data webhook

Philips Hue2 action

Control your Philips Hue lights

How does it work?

Comb9 is powered by the rock solid enterprise middleware platform NetKernel. It provides the platform for the composition and operation of smart agents.

First you compose agents from combinations of components without the need for coding skills. Each component provides simple point and click configuration.

Once composed, agents run in the background according to the schedule you define without you needing to do anything. They collect data from sensors around the internet, make decisions and computations based on that data, and then perform your chosen actions.


Agents are computer programs that operate on your behalf to achieve your ends. You compose them from combinations of components such as sensors, actions and computations. Agents will wait silently for certain events to occur and then act upon them.


Sensors detect events happening "out there" on your "Internet of Things" devices and/or capture data from the internet. They provide the inputs for your agents.


With data collected from sensors your agent has the ability to perform calculations and lookup extra information. Calculate components provide a rich set of operations to add the smarts to your agents.


Once your agent has decided something has happened and determined what to do, actions have the ability to make something happen. They can push data to third party services or perform actions on your "Internet of Things" devices.